Why Sponsor the Canadian Geothermal Summit 2020?


  • Access to the latest geothermal development research and industry project updates.

  • We will address the practical, technical, regulatory and economic issues related to the commercialization of Canada's vast geothermal resources.

  • Participants will have the opportunities to learn about cutting edge geothermal production technology, cost and risk-reducing practices, ongoing regulatory development, state of the art research and development related to geothermal development and the role of free prior and informed consent among first nations partners.

  • We will share knowledge about the development of geothermal resources in Canada and the export of Canadian geothermal expertise to global markets.

    • Topics will include: western sedimentary basin geology, modeling of geothermal resources and energy flow, environmental and energy regulation, enhancing conversions of oil and gas wells, support of entrepreneurs to create a value-added industry, economics of oil well conversions, royalty structure, reclamation and remediation and working with first nations communities, and other landowners.



The following are one or more ways your organization could contribute:

  • Shape the direction and content of the conference

  • Access the latest research on the development of geothermal resources in

  • Canada and the export of Canadian geothermal expertise to global markets

  • Continue to demonstrate leadership and diversity in the renewable resources market

  • Continue to support your employees’ mentoring and sponsorship communities

  • Support entrepreneurship opportunities for those in your supply chain

  • Provide enhanced continuing professional development for your employees


Conference events sponsorship available for:

  • Keynote panel discussions

  • Dinner Networking Session

  • Student Presentation/Poster Session

  • Working lounge for attendees

  • Volunteer lounge

  • Coffee Breaks

  • Lunch Receptions

  • Breakfast networking sessions

  • Post-conference Short Courses hosted at the University of Alberta

For more information on our sponsorship

please contact us at geotherm@ualberta.ca

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2-08 Earth Sciences Building, University of Alberta

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 Conference hosted by: UAlberta Geothermal Research Group 




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